How to Die Without a Lawyer

How to Die Without a Lawyer

A Practical Guide to Creating an Estate Plan Without Paying Legal Fees

Mary Clement


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Ensuring that your estate is in order has become one of the most onerous legal tasks that anyone would ever have to face. Legal fees today can be astronomical, especially when an inheritance passes through probate.

It doesn't have to be that way.

In How to Die Without a Lawyer, Mary Clement, a prominent attorney who specializes in end-of-life issues, shows how to create a will, draw up advance directives, and create living trusts, thereby avoiding the exhorbitant costs of probate and lawyers' fees.

In this easy-to-use book, Clement guides the reader through the steps necessary to put his or her affairs in order and maximize the inheritance passed on to loved ones. By reading this book and preparing in advance, anyone can avoid the costs and potential conflicts inherent in the execution of any estate. With a compassionate voice and a steady, guiding hand, How to Die Without a Lawyer is the essential book for anyone facing one of the most difficult processes life has to offer.


Mary Clement:

Mary Clement is an attorney and president of Gentle Closure, Inc., a company that addresses all end-of-life concerns. She is coauthor, with Derek Humphry, of Freedom to Die.