The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success

The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success

Angela Bryant


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In The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success you will learn all you need to succeed in property, even in challenging times and why professional investors such as property millionaire Angela Bryant believe that now is the right time to buy property. The trick is to be ahead of the curve, be ready for opportunities and buy while others are panicking! Statistics from all the main buy-to-let lenders show that in 2008, despite the credit crunch leading some to believe that the sky is falling, experienced investors such as Angela are continuing to invest in property because they know that current market conditions provide some marvellous opportunities: * Sellers are more willing to accept big discounts! * Rents are increasing! * Competition is reduced! In today's world, yesterday's strategies don't work. In this book, you will learn the strategies you need to succeed in today's market, including how to: * Source, analyse and structure fantastic win: win property deals * Plan and undertake thorough risk assessment * Choose your mortgage and property with care * Manage your properties and your tenants with expertise, to ensure positive cashflow And much more, including an insight into the secrets of success that Angela shares throughout this refreshingly personal account of how to build a £10 million property portfolio.


Angela Bryant:
Angela Bryant has built a £10 million property portfolio due to her professional experience as a property investor. She is based in the UK.